Amiskwi Provides:

  • Propane stove/oven/broiler

  • Outdoor propane BBQ 

  • Freezer

  • Heavy-duty coolers with freezer packs

  • Baking pans/dishes

  • Cooking and eating utensils

  • Dish washing fluid/dish towels

  • Coffee percolator

  • Juice jugs

  • Fresh natural water

  • Toilet paper

  • 3 power outlets

  • Wood stove and firewood

  • Fire extinguishers

  • First aid kit

  • Rescue cache

  • Satellite phone

  • Weekend caretaker

Satellite Phone - 1 913 912 6942

We will invoice the group leader $3.00/minute for any and all calls, in or out, upon receipt of our phone invoice. We won’t charge for calls to the helipad for flight information. To conserve our solar power, please turn the phone off when no one is in the lodge & at bedtime.

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Sleeping areas:

The second floor provides 4 sleeping areas furnished with 4 double & 10 single foam beds with pillows for each bed.

There are propane and solar lights in every room. 


Amiskwi Lodge has two indoor composting toilets, one on each floor. 

Drying room and deck:

The drying room has a propane heater and plenty of hanging space that is great for wet gear. 

Outside the lodge, you may enjoy our expansive deck overlooking the outstanding scenery. 

Sauna & showers:

The sauna building has a wood-fired sauna and two showers with change areas.


For the enjoyment of all guests, Amiskwi Lodge has a ‘No Pets’ and ‘No Smoking’ policy.

About your garbage:

Double bag your garbage and box it up to fly it out on the helicopter.

About catering and guides:

We can supply a list of caterers and guides if needed.

Amiskwi Location


This backcountry lodge is situated above Amiskwi pass, just outside of the west boundary of Yoho National Park. At an elevation of 6900 ft (2104 m), Amiskwi is blessed with a wintertime average of 2.5 m snowpack. The lodge is perched on the edge of a high plateau and affords breath-taking views of the Mummery group to the northwest, Des Poilus and Arete peaks to the southeast, as well as an expansive view south down the old native trade route of the Amiskwi River Valley.

Map -82N10 Blaeberry River, Grid reference 229-185

Google map 51.618070-166.670556